Now you can buy speedon on pancakeswap

You can get Speedon coin easily from your Metamask/Trust wallet or any wallet which has BNB and smartchain network, by following few simple steps

1 First get assured that you have enough BNB in your wallet to purchase speedon.
2 Copy our bsc contract code 0xb8BB2d998Ff1eB5f9548B6880B393c8b4Aa03d79 and go to add token/add custom token tab in your wallet. Paste this code in address bar and click add token.
3 After adding the token, Speedon will be appear in your coin list. Now go to browser in metamask or go to DApps in trust wallet and open in address bar, Connect your wallet and search speedon in coin list by pasting our contract code, Fill SPEEDON QTY and click on SWAP, Click on confirm and speedon coin will be delivered immediately in your wallet.

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